Sportquantum is a company founded by three passionate men – Jean Marc, Robert and Jean – who met while working in CEA Tech’s laboratories. The company came together naturally since each of them brought complementary experiences and skills to the table: physics, electronics, mechanics, computer science and Robert’s knowledge of Shooting Sports.

Together, they developed a new technology that could locate an impact by measuring the shock waves generated by the projectile with unparalleled accuracy. Together, they invented the first screens that were “impactile” and not tactile, and for which the most obvious use was Shooting Sports.


Thanks to this technology, sportquantum can now offer all Sport Shooters a revolutionary Interactive Electronic Target that can:

  • Take them from basic training to competition;
  • Help them progress;
  • Bring fun to their leisure activity;
  • Help trainers build loyalty among children in shooting schools.

CEA Tech, a world-renowned Research and Technology Organization, founding member of the company, is committed to driving the project forward through this spin-off and is defending patents at the international level.

Today, the team has grown and is brimming with ideas to provide recreational sport shooters, trainers, competitors and club with more and more equipment and software.