SynQro – Supervision Software

Training and Competition Software

Thanks to SynQro software, you can easily take remote control of several targets at the same time. So it becomes easy for a coach, referee or Club Manager to take control of several targets to organize a training or a friendly match.

Simultaneously monitor and control multiple target

  • SQ10 and SQ50 Interactive Electronic Targets are interconnected and managed by a single computer
  • You can therefore centrally control all or only some of the SQ10 or SQ50 Interactive Electronic Targets
  • The person in charge can then assign specific activities to each target, monitor the results in real time and share them (TV screen, video projector, printing, save, share, etc.)
  • You can manage all stages of a competition, regardless of its size, for the main Olympic disciplines
  • You can optimize and make training sessions livelier and more pleasant:
    • Assign and monitor specific activities for each shooter
    • Team training thanks to the group connection of several targets together to create a multi-shooter mode
    • Fun activities for several people, to promote conviviality and entertainment


Easy to use

Live scores

Take hold of different targets

Friendly matches
  • A laptop to manage all targets
  • Wireless or Ethernet communication (upgradeable over both)
  • Possibility to connect a printer to publish the results of matches or training sessions, as well as external screens/video projectors
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