SQ Mobile app

SQ Mobile App – Performance Monitoring Application

SQ Tablet
Monitor and improve your performance!

SQ Mobile App is the application (currently available on Android) designed to monitor your performance in real time and over time, and remotely control your SQ10 and SQ50 electronic targets.

Control your electronic targets remotely!

  • Remote control of SQ10 & SQ50 Interactive Electronic Targets
  • Real-time display of results
  • Remote selection of shooting distance (shooting at 10 meters, shooting at 25 or 50 meters)
  • Remote weapon selection, pistols or rifles
  • Library of multi-level training cards
  • Recreational/leisure cards (games, moving targets, etc.)
  • Challenge Mode
  • Standard Shooting
  • Shooting statistics (grouping, spread, corrections, time between shots, etc.)
  • Adaptation to local requirements
  • Save results in PDF format

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It’s all about the connectivity

  • Works on an Android tablet (provided)
  • Wireless communication with the target


(Available soon)

By choosing a monthly subscription, Sport Shooters will soon also be able to:

  • Install the SQ Mobile App on a device (smartphone, tablet) of their choice
  • Access the new features continuously offered by Sport Quantum
  • New training cards, with tips to improve performance
  • New fun activities (notably games)
  • Fun seasonal games (Christmas Tree, Easter Eggs, etc.)
  • Have unlimited access to a custom space on the Cloud to
  • Save results (training, competition)
  • Access numerous statistics and dashboards on training and competition performance
  • Share results and exchange tips in a virtual community (friends, trainer, club, social media)