SQ10 club pack – 5 targets

SQ10 club pack – 5 WiFi targets, accessories and services

  • Set of 5 SQ10 interactive electronic targets for 10-m shooting
  • Supplied complete, with associated 8” control tablets
  • Supervisor’s station for 10-position training and competition, full WiFi
  • Control unit (PC)
  • Wireless router
  • 1 large-screen TV
  • 1 TV stand
  • 1 A4 laser printer
  • Set of 5 replacement impact top plates for SQ10 target
  • Set of 5 tablet security and display kits for shooting range use (with key locking)
  • Set of 5 250-ml silicon-based oil aerosol sprays – Key for dismounting the impact top plates
  • Software updates during 2 years
  • Assistance during commissioning and training of the responsible shooting range personnel
  • Flat rate including delivery

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Rifle or pistol, training, competition, novice use or Shooting School? The SQ10 target with its supervision system allows you to transform your 10-m range in just a few clicks in order to adapt it to whatever is currently needed in your club.



  • Turnkey solution for equipping shooting ranges.
  • SQ10 targets connected to the range’s supervision system.
  • Supervisory PC with installed SynQro software, ready for connection to the target system.
  • Wireless connection via supplied WiFi router.
  • Wired connection (Ethernet) possible, recommended for competitions with more than 20 targets.
  • Assistance during installation, hotline support, updates to enhance the capabilities of the targets, tablets and supervision system.
  • Possibility of combining targets provided by different clubs in order to set up competitions.

Benefits: multipurpose target system

A target system for all 10-m practices and shooters

Expert shooters, shooting schools, shooting enthusiasts, pistol and rifle users: an interactive target system for all club and competition practices.

Competition: reliability, stability, control
  • Simple and intuitive: gives any club the ability to organise matches
  • Strength: shots recorded in real time
  • Results projected onto a large screen for spectators
  • Software in English and French
  • The results and match sheets can be saved in PDF and CSV format
  • The fact that the SQ10 can be set up and dismounted in only a few minutes means that it is suitable for installation in multi-function rooms.
Training: help develop the champions of the future
  • Real-time management of shooting activities on the range
  • Dynamic, attractive and interactive training sessions
  • Different activities can be assigned to each firing point
  • Results of training sessions can be saved (PDF and CSV)
Fun shooting: brighten up your club
  • Provide shooting games to attract young shooters
  • Add fun shooting sessions to complement your training activities
  • Make your training sessions more interactive with multi-person games