SQ10 Interactive electronic target

SQ10, Interactive electronic target for 10-m shooting.

Supplied complete, with 8” control tablet.

Standard 4.5-mm pellets (.177 cal).

Scaling from 3 to 15 m.

Supplied with tablet, wireless connection.

Ready for shooting.

3180,00 TTC

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Available accessories

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SQ10, Interactive electronic target for 10-m shooting

The unique Sport Quantum technology makes it possible to measure the exact point of impact of the pellets on the polycarbonate plate that protects the screen. The targets are controlled via the wireless connection to the tablet. The hits are displayed in real time. Training and competition performance are recorded and shared.



  • Interactive electronic target with ultra-bright screen

  • Plate with piezoelectric sensors and protective polycarbonate top plate

  • For 4.5-mm diabolos, pistols and rifles from 3 to 7.5 joules (Olympic standard)

  • 10-m distance simulator from 3 m

  • Pellet recovery bin

  • Control tablet supplied

  • Automatic wireless connection between target and tablet

The benefits: Interactive Targets for all Sport Shooters


With the SQ10, just click to choose between all the ISFF-standard targets for 10-m rifles and pistols. The colour and brightness settings are adjustable and make it possible to adapt to the environment of the range and the competition. The target has been approved for competition use by the French Shooting Federation FFTir and the certification process is underway among various other sport shooting federations. The library of exercises designed by experienced trainers and competitors provides numerous competition training programmes. The interactive target makes it possible to use unique fixed and mobile preparatory visuals.

The fun targets (gong, apple tree, random targets, moving target, etc.) can be used for amusing solo or group sessions both for beginners and competitors.

All the exercises and games can be customised in order to adapt to the skill level and objectives of each shooter and the different programmes of individual trainers.

The SQ10’s robust conception is confirmed every day by the young students at shooting schools.

Ready for shooting

Mount the SQ10 on the wall or place it on a tripod (supplied as an option), connect it, start the tablet and shoot – all in just a few minutes. There are regular updates to enhance the target’s interactive capabilities. The interactive target does not need any consumables. The only maintenance required is to grease the protective top plate and possibly to replace it every 10,000 shots on average.

It connects automatically to the tablet and no Internet connection is required.

The SQ10 can be set up and dismounted in only a few minutes, meaning that it is suitable for installation in multi-function rooms.

Modern and scalable

Working together with the shooting community, trainers and clubs, Sport Quantum has designed a target that permits new ways of shooting. Updates regularly increase its interactive capabilities in the fields of training, competition and connected shooting.

The fun targets help to make Sport Shooting more attractive to new club members, and young people in particular.

Safe and responsible

The SQ10’s tilted screen makes it possible to collect the pellets in the bin and prevent rebounds. There’s no need for a vacuum cleaner and you can have your pellets recycled by a specialist recycling company in your region.