SQ 50 – Interactive Target for Sport Shooting at 25 and 50 meters

(Available soon)

The target
An interactive target for firearms

SQ50 is an interactive electronic target created for shooting with firearms at 25 and 50 meters. Whatever your preference – pistol or rifle; novice, recreational shooter or competitor – SQ50 will take you from training to competition, with an added element of fun.

From a tablet, you choose the image displayed on your target, and control your training sessions with the click of a button.

Targets for training, leisure and competition

We want to create new possibilities for Sport Shooters, trainers and clubs with our large library of training exercises, a range of fun activities (games, moving and random targets, etc.) and a challenge mode, and thereby increase the appeal of Shooting Sports.

Push the boundaries of sport shooting

Easy to use

Real bulleted ammo


Real-time display

  • Interactive Electronic Target with an armoured-steel plate that can resist powerful impacts, backlit by a powerful video projector
  • For all standard handguns of any caliber and rifles up to 1,000 joules, covering all disciplines at 25 and 50 meters and recreational shooting
  • Top plate of variable thickness, easily interchangeable according to the firing power to guarantee greater durability
  • Bullet recovery
  • Wireless or Ethernet communication with SynQro software