SQ Air 10, the interactive target for compressed airguns at 10 meters


Approved by ISSF

Whatever your preference, pistol or rifle

SQ Air 10 ISSF

From a user interface, you choose the image or the standardized cardboard that you want to display on your target and control your training sessions at your fingertips.
SQ Air 10 is a unique target for all sports shooting activities at 10 meters, initiation, training, leisure and competition. Shoot with real 4.5mm pellets on an ultra-resistant polycarbonate interactive screen. SQ10 is suitable for both rifles and air pistols to ISSF standard, up to 7.5 Joules.

Ready to use and easy to implement, it is suitable in all places! It has an greater accuracy than half a tenth of a point on the entire impact plate and advanced technology protected by 6 international patents filed by SPORT QUANTUM and CEA LIST (Laboratory for Integration of Systems and Technology).
The SQ Air 10 target as well as SynQro are approved by the French Shooting Federation (https://www.fftir.org and a large number of European federations https://www.issf-sports.org

Novice, recreational shooter or competitor, SQ Air 10 will be your fun partner
for training and competition

SQ Air 10 Features

The piloting user interface allows the choice of weapon or activity, customization, levels, etc… and serves as a support for the analysis of progressions and scores.

Choice of arms Pistol or Rifle.

Choice of activity

Training tools

Black round: this exercise will allow you to work on your regularity without trying to reach ten at all costs,
Horizontal : this line is a very complete exercise that will allow you to work and gain confidence in your stability,
Vertical : this line is a very complete exercise to work and gain confidence in your stability, 2 verticals: work on your approach without a target,
4 zones : this exercise is a variant for the work of coordination. Shooting inside squares will require you to develop your aim and release.
16 zones : this exercise is a variant for the work of coordination. Shooting inside squares will force you to coordinate your aim before finger engagement takes on real importance.

Precision shooting

All disciplines ISSF 10 meters:
Can be used in training or competition mode.
Cards from different federations:
– England
– Denmark / Sweden
– Norway
Cardboard variant:
– Basic
– Target entry from above and below
– Shooting area
– Blurred target

Fun training

Games (simple and advanced mode) :

  • Tree
  • ‘Serious’ tree
  • Balloons
  • Serious balloons

Some games are availables as options. 


SQ Air 10 technology

SPORT QUANTUM and the CEA LIST (Laboratory for Integration of Systems and Technology) have developed real-time impact localization technology with:

  • A high-brightness adaptive screen up to 1,600 lux
  • Piezoelectric sensors measuring the shock waves caused by a projectile on a surface with very precise impact localisation
  • A chosen visual generated by an application on the user interface and displayed in real time on the target’s screen
  • A measurement plate protected by an ultra-resistant polycarbonate overplate
  • Results displayed on the user interface connected by wire or wifi to the SQ Air 10 target.

The specificities

Power supply
The recommended power is up to 7.5 joules,

Target / UI wireless connection by WIFI, not requiring internet connection,
Optional Ethernet connection for competitions with a large number of targets.

Shooting distance
Target designed for Olympic Shooting at 10 meters Adaptive distance simulator from 3 to 15 meters WiFi range: maximum 50 meters (router or Ethernet connection optional).

Pellets recovery
Pellet recovery tank with a capacity of approximately 1,500 pellets.

Over-plates and consumable
Advised Overplate Life:
an average of 10,000 pistol shots and counter
of impacts included on the user interface

Power supply
Target: socket 220V (100 – 240V)
Dimensions : 507 mm x 406 mm x 302 mm
Weight : 8 kg
Target hanging: bracket provided on flat wall – optional tripod
User interface: :battery / USB cable Dimensions: 243 mm x 163 mm x 9 mm
10 inches (Android)
Weight : 540 g with adjustable stand
Its SQ-App application preconfigured and paired with the target

2 years


Wi-Fi router and antenna



for SQ Air 10 target

TV box

The SQ Air 10 target is delivered ready to use, with:


  • Affordable and easily interchangeable top plate for high durability ( every 10,000 impacts on average)

availables options

  • Wi-Fi router and antenna 
  • Tripod for Target SQ Air 10
  • Automatique connection : -wifi (Power Wifi)
  • Ethernet cabling with SynQro
  • SynQro: Management system for shooting ranges and official competitions – 100’’ TV
  • Printer
  • TV box
  • Cavalier barre 40×40


Managing system for Shooting range and official competitions

SynQro supervision system features:

  • Stand-alone organization of official competitions, thanks to a simple and intuitive software
  • Real-time management of shooting activities, Live projection on screen. Dynamic, attractive and interactive training


  • Supervision of the shooting range from a central computer
  • Distribution of activities for: one target, one group of targets, several groups of targets
  • Export results for all activities, PDF and/or CSV format

Official Competitions

  • Import a list of participants
  • Control all targets from a computer
  • Centralized management of all parameters, according to ISSF standards or personalized choices (number of series, number of shots, test time, match time, target settings, etc.)

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