Interactive electronic targets for all sports shooters

Sport Shooting, the third most popular individual sport worldwide, is demanding but also fun. Sportquantum provides for all Sports Shooters with an interactive and upgradeable electronic target that can be tailored to all individual desires and objectives:

Learn and progress

Relax and have fun

Train for competition

Sportquantum targets are available for 10m compressed air pistols and air rifles, and for firearms for 25m et 50m shooting ranges, both indoors and outdoors.

Both connected and interactive, they can be configured in a few seconds in training, gaming or match mode. They can be controlled individually for a customized shooting session or multiple supervised by a trainer or referee.

Equipped with high-performance electronics, sportquantum targets are connected to a remote tablet and instantly provide the shooter or trainer with all the shooting results and associated statistics via a wireless connection.

Sportquantum, has one ambition: promote and help Sports Shooters of all ages and all expertise to progress. We support them from the shooting schools up to the competition and make shooting sports more appealing.


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