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A range of electronic targets for sports shooting

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Serious fun

Sport Quantum is an innovative company, created in 2017.
The company is positioned on the measurement of sports performance, and more particularly on the disciplines of precision shooting. Sport Quantum has a technology developed to fit many sporting disciplines involving precision and performance.

Our values

Listening and Honesty
Sport Quantum pays particular attention to words and sincerity. This is, in our opinion, the basis of trust and social relations.

Clarity and Behavior
To move forward serenely all together, clarity and behavior are essential for us.

Focus and Physical Endurance
The mental health of our team is our main concern. It’s important for Sport Quantum team to work in a serene atmosphere for a measured and effective concentration.

Team Work
The Sport Quantum team is young and dynamic, full of proposals and motivated to offer you the best, every day!



“For me, Sport Quantum provides a better training experience for athletes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been able to train at home to be the best I can be. Day after day, with the games and drills on the target and the training tools built into the SQ10 target, I have been able to increase my ability to shoot stronger scores.

I think this system is important for the future of the sport because these targets are more than just points on the wall – they are a true personal trainer.”

Lucas Kozeniesky, Olympic medal winner in Tokyo ,USA Team

Instagram : @lucaskozusa


“A radical technical innovation! Zero consumables, remote control, automated counting of course, change of target background from the firing point, to be tried urgently. TNV is a partner (and proud to be) of Sport Quantum.“

Bernard Collot, Tir National de Versailles


“I have heard and read various qualifiers about these targets, ranging from revolution to Tsunami … but all in a positive way. […] […] The huge advantage of these targets is that they are usable by all, competitors and leisure, shooting schools will also find their account with technical training exercises and also games. There is no limit except that of the imagination of the designers … “ There is no limit except that of the imagination of the designers…”

Franck Boyer, Sporting Club Briard Tir



“I am writing this post to share my experience with Sport Quantum electronic targeting: installation in 5min, no fuss, we just have a cable to connect, the equipment works in Wifi. For the first use, the the application is simple and accessible to everyone. The 10-meter pistol shooting exercises are fun, I really liked the apple tree. In competition mode, you can choose the color of the backing plate, the target, etc … For my first time, what fun !!! “

Sylvain Monjaret, AS Tir Roissy


“We had the SPORT-QUANTUM target tested for a few days and the least we can say is that our young people from the shooting school were delighted. This target is very fun and it is difficult to put a end to training. We are constantly looking for fun to interest young people, we have found! “

Olivier Bianchi

Our products

SQ Air

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