SQ Fire, the “impactile” target
for precision shooting at 50 meters

Training and competition targets for riflemen

Improve your performance with moderns et easy-to-implement targets

From a user interface, select the standard cardboard that you have mounted on your target and control your training sessions with your fingertips.

SQ Fire is a unique target for all riflemen at 50 meters, for training, leisure and competition. This is designed for the
rifle disciplines at 22 LR. The only target suitable for all shooters thanks to its robustness and bullet recovery system!

SQ Fire can also be set up for recreational 50m pistols!
Ready to use and easy to implement, it is easily interchangeable and repairable by anyone and not expensive!
It has an accuracy greater than half a tenth of a point on the entire board and advanced technology protected by 4 international patents filed by SPORT QUANTUM and CEA LIST (Laboratory for Integration of Systems and Technology).

Recreational shooter or competitor, SQ Fire will be your fun partner in training and competition

SQ Fire Fonctionnalities

The user interface allows the choice of arms, activity, or customization and can be useful for progress and scores analysis.

Choice of arm: Rifle.

Choice of Activity

Training tools
Speed ​​shot Cardboard variant:
-ISSF cards for 50 meter disciplines
-C50 central box

Choice of Configuration

Language customization (English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech)

Target display
End of match settings (2 modes)

App lock

  • Measurement accuracy in accordance with ISSF regulations
  • Software including training and match modules according to ISSF rules
  • Compatible with SynQro software for competition management

Score analysis

  • Display of scores in real time to 1/10th of a point or to the whole point
  • Display of the number of flies
  • Display of the series and possibility of going back on its scores
  • Display of shot timing (total and time between shots)
  • Calculation and display of grouping and dispersion, corrections on the weapon

Measurement of Progress


  • Saving and exporting cards and match sheets in PDF or CSV format.


SPORT QUANTUM and the CEA LIST (Laboratory for Integration of Systems and Technology) have developed real-time impact localization technology with:

  • A plate measuring the position of the shots,
  • Pinpoint the impact very precisely,
  • Results displayed on the user interface wired to the SQ Fire target.

The specificities

SQ Fire is robust, easy to install and simple to maintain

Power supply
The operating temperature is between 0°C and 40°C and its storage temperature is between -20°C and 50°C. In the event of non-use during the winter period, we recommend storage inside a building.

Target Ethernet / UI connection for immediate performance feedback

Shooting distance
Target designed for shooting at 50 meters

Pellets recovery
Bullet collection tray (slag and bullet dust).

– C50 central polycarbonate boxes,
– 50m ISSF cards

22 LR

Target possessing extreme robustness

Power supply
targets: Power supply 30 Watt via POE, (Power Of Internet)
Dimensions : 500 mm x 395 mm x 252 mm
Weight : 15 kg
Hanging the target: bracket provided on a flat wall
Shooting card holding system
user interface : battery power supply / USB cable / PoE
Dimensions : 243 mm x 163 mm x 9 mm
10 pouces (Android)
Weight :540 g
SQ-App application preconfigured and paired with the target

2 years


Multimedia options


Floor Stand support

Ethernet cable

The SQ Fire Interactive Target is delivered ready to use, with:


  • Easily interchangeable polycarbonate cards

availables options

    • Heavy-duty floorstand support
    • SynQro: Management system for shooting ranges and official competitions
  • Multimedia options (internet or wifi):
    -TV or video projector for match organization
    -Printer to print game sheets
    -Multi TV box for competition matches


Managing system for Shooting range and official competitions

SynQro supervision system features:

  • Stand-alone organization of official competitions, thanks to a simple and intuitive software
  • Real-time management of shooting activities, Live projection on screen. Dynamic, attractive and interactive training


  • supervision of the shooting range from a central computer
  • distribution of activities for: one target, one group of targets, several groups of targets
  • export results for all activities, PDF and/or CSV format

Official Competitions

  • import a list of participants
  • Control all targets from a computer
  • centralized management of all parameters, according to ISSF standards or personalized choices (number of series, number of shots, test time, match time, target settings, etc.)
  • management of the competition in all its phases
  • Management of exceptions and unforeseen events (change of target, penalties, arbitrary decisions, etc.)
  • Share of results on a large screen (TV screen and/or projector)
    export of competition results: match sheets, results in CSV format for integration into databases

Configuring SynQro supervision:

  • WiFi network with high router
  • performance Optional Ethernet cable (star network)

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