SynQro – Supervision Software

For training or competition

Take control of several targets simultaneously for the organization of training or competition

Thanks to SynQro software, you can easily take remote control of several targets at the same time. So it becomes easy for a coach, referee or club manager to take control of several targets to organize a training or a friendly match.

SynQro Features

Managing system for Shooting range and official competitions


    • Stand-alone organization of official competitions, thanks to a simple and intuitive software
    • Real-time management of shooting activities, Live projection on screen. Dynamic, attractive and interactive training


      • Supervision of the shooting range from a central computer
      • Distribution of activities for: one target, one group of targets, several groups of targets
      • Export results for all activities, PDF and/or CSV format

Official Competitions

    • Import a list of participants
    • Control all targets from a computer
    • Centralized management of all parameters, according to ISSF standards or personalized choices (number of series, number of shots, test time, match time, target settings, etc.)
    • Management of the competition in all its phases
    • Management of exceptions and unforeseen events (change of target, penalties, arbitrary decisions, etc.)
    • Share of results on a large screen (TV screen and/or projector) export of competition results: match sheets, results in CSV format for integration into databases

Configuring SynQro supervision:

  • WiFi network with high router
    performance Optional Ethernet cable (star network)

The targets

SQ Air

See the target

SQ Fire 50

See the target

SQ PanoramiQ

See the target

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