What if you had
an electronic target
made just for you?

Shooting Sports goes digital


Real time display, accuracy and scoring…
Interactivity and gaming on top

Choose your target type and your training program sQore from your tablet or smartphone 

SPORTS QUANTUM, The first high technology electronic target for all shooters

Weapon selection pistol or rifle 10m

Precision shooting

Standard shooting

Practice and training programs


Gaming cardboards

Zoom/accuracy function


Online performance tracking

Zero paper, zero waste

Pellets retreaval


All the shooting data in 1 click!

Your own online performance tracking with sQuore

Sport Quantum

The research teams of Sport Quantum and the CEA List have developed a new technology which can locate very precisely and consistently the location of an impact thanks to the accurate and robust measurement of the vibrations generated by the bullet propagating across the target.

The compilation of these innovations into 4 patents makes it possible today to reach the required accuracy for Olympic precision shooting disciplines.

An environment friendly target: A screen is used to display the visual feedback thus removing the use of the traditional paper cardboard. The bullet impacts a transparent polycarbonate plate which is shock-resistant up to 7.5 Joules and requires no maintenance.

For Sport Quantum only what is measurable can be improved. SQuApps and SQuCloud offer to all, amateur and competitors, the tracking and analysis of performance in time and associated training programs to improve.
Enjoy and share
Whether you are a child or an adult, sports shooting is first of all a leisure activity. The Sport Quantum technology offers a new way of training in keeping with the spirit of the precision sports shooting. Athletes have a library of fun digital targets that can combine precision shot and speed shot. They can also train on the same digital target with other athletes to compare their performance and share their passions on social networks
Measure the performance
An accuracy less than 1/10 of the point. A real-time measurement of all parameters of athletes' performance (number of points, barycenter, standard deviation, training time ...)
Technology for all, amateurs or competitors
A Technology at a much lower price than market electronic targets. A free to use environment to start, a subscription to progress and monitor your performance. A reduced consumable costs by removing paper targets cardboards


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