Install/Update Android SQ App

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Note : In a SynQro environment, it is important that all of your tablets run the same version of SQ App. This update procedure must then be replicated on each tablet.


1. On a PC or a Laptop, start by downloading the App file from – Password : (Ask us about it)

2. Use the PC or the Laptop to populate the tablet(s) with the downloaded apk file, ideally inside the “Download” folder (located at the root of the tablet) using a micro-usb cable

Note : Please delete the old apk file(s) that could still be present inside the Download folder.

3. Check then that third-party apps installation is enabled on your Android system. To do so, navigate to > Security > Unknown sources and toggle the option

Note : For more recent Android systems, the option is located under > Apps & notifications > Advanced options> Special access > Third-party apps installation

4. Launch and install the .apk file you downloaded previously on the tablet by using the “File Manager” native application (Navigate to the file location, depending on where you placed it)

5. Reconnect the tablet to its target’s Wifi (the SSID/name is displayed at the bottom of the target’s screen) then delete your shooting range’s Wifi network from the tablet, if necessary.

Note : It is very important that the tablet only knows its target’s Wifi