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Maintain your target

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Maintenance guidelines for SQ10 Target

To be performed every 5000 shots/3 months

Note : To retrieve the number of shots, click on the Connection icon, in the bottom-right corner of the SQ App then click on Settings and navigate to the bottom of the list

1. Take off the white hood of your target

2. Empty the lead debris retrieval drawer, under the screen

3. Cut off the zip-tie which is holding the metallic hood in place, on top of your target’s frame

Note : if your target has been re-isolated from lead by our team recently, you can directly proceed with step 6)

Couper pour ouvrir Cut to open

4. Take off the metal hood

5. Gently vacuum inside the electronic boards’ frame, around and on the boards, then under the target’s screen, behind the lead drawer.

Ideally, vacuum with an empty vacuum cleaner, then dump the lead debris with your other debris and cartridges

6. Check your current impact board wear condition : if it seems particularly carved, domed or bulged, it is necessary to stop using the target and replace it.

The impact board lifespan is estimated between 8000-10 000 rifle shots, depending on the shooters’ precision and profile. In a competition training usecase, you can expect a shorter lifespan

7. Ensure that the impact board is thightly screwed to the measure board and the target’s frame, by hand.

If it is not the case, you could lost some of your shots. You can check the screwing with a 13mm wrench.

8. Entirely clean your impact board with some household alcohol, ideally

Do not use Acetone, you could damage the polycarbonate sheet and whiten it.

9. Grease your impact board with some new Silicon oil

Important : apply the oil on a cloth first, and then spread it gently on the board, from the center to the edges to avoid infiltration between the impact and the measure boards