My Acer tablet is set in Demo Mode

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Note : this tutorial describes an advanced procedure and is intended for an experienced public. Please proceed through this procedure with great caution, following the instructions step by step precisely. Any random manipulation could lead to an out of order tablet.


Acer tablets have a special “Demo mode” that can be activated (un)voluntarily by users. This mode is not supposed to alter your tablet’s performances but it can be quite annoying, mainly because random ads pop up from time to time.

To disable it, perform the following manipulation :

1. Shut down the tablet entirely

2. Boot in Recovery Mode by holding the “Power” and “Volume +” buttons until the Acer logo appears on the screen.

3. Release the two buttons once the Logo pops up

4. The tablet then boots in a special Recovery Mode, and multiple options are available.

5. Choose the “Wipe CACHE partition” option, and not Data

Note : Beware, selecting the Data option would lead to a Factory reset of the tablet

6. Confirm, then let the tablet reboot normally. The Demo mode should be disabled