Saclay – May 29, 2024 – Quality Approved! SPORT QUANTUM is proud to announce that our SQ Air 10 interactive target has received official approval from the German Shooting Federation (DSB).

Saclay – May 29, 2024 – We are proud to announce that SPORT QUANTUM, a pioneer in the innovation of shooting sports equipment, has recently received official approval from the DSB (German Shooting Federation) for our SQ Air 10 interactive target.

This approval marks an important milestone for SPORT QUANTUM and motivates us to pursue our mission of revolutionizing the world of shooting sports with ever more exceptional innovations.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support, and invite you to follow us on our social networks to continue the adventure alongside us.

About DSB :

The DSB, or Deutsche Schützenbund, is the German Shooting Federation, a prestigious and influential organization in the world of shooting sports. It is recognized for its role in establishing rigorous standards and training programs for shooters of all levels, from amateurs to top athletes.

With over 1.4 million members in some 15,000 clubs, the DSB is one of Germany’s largest sports federations. It organizes numerous national and international competitions, providing a platform for shooters to demonstrate their skills and achieve sporting excellence.

Approval by the DSB is a guarantee of quality and reliability, indicating that equipment meets the strict performance and safety requirements necessary for official competitions.

For more information on the DSB, its activities and initiatives, please visit their official website: