A translucent stain appeared on my screen

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If a translucent stain seems to have appeared on your screen recently, it is probably due to a maintenance routine you performed on the target. The most plausible explanation is a Silicon oil infiltration between the impact board and the measure/capture board. This problem happens frequently when the Silicon oil is applied incorrectly or directly on the screen, in excessive amounts.

A few questions :

  • Did you recently perform the maintenance routine of your target ?
  • If yes, did you vaporized the Silicon oil directly on the target’s screen ?


  • Unmount the impact board by unscrewing it (See SQ10 Maintenance routine)
  • Clean it completly with a cloth and some household alcohol (do not use any acetone)
  • Also clean the front part of the measure board, same way
  • Screw back on the impact board

Advice for the next maintenance session : do not vaporized the oil on the impact board directly, but on a clean cloth, and apply the oil in small amounts.

After all these checks, if the situation has not improved, please