In order not to clog up our flow or lengthen response times, please proceed with the following checks before completing the form:

  • You followed all the FAQ Answer sheets and auto-diagnosis available in our Target Help Center
  • You tablet is correctly connected to its SQ target, and not to your shooting range’s wifi
    • If it’s not the case, please remove your local wifi from the known connections, and reconnect your tablet to the target
  • You switched off your tablet completly, and switched it on again
  • You disconnected completly the power cable from your target and plugged it back on again
  • You correctly realized your target’s maintenance routine in accordance with our guidelines (every 5000 shots/3 months)
  • You unplugged the two USB sticks from your switched off target, vacuumed the lead dust and plugged it back on again

f you correctly ran all these checks, you can fill up the following form or send us a mail at
In case of emergency only
, and after filling up this form, the Support Phone Number is +33 980 087 087

    Description of your issue*

    Serial number(s) of the involved target(s)*

    Note : This number is engraved on the target's frame, on top of the right panel, under the white hood.

    Picture or Video of the issue (Important)

    SQ App version number (on your tablet, inside the app, in the user settings menu)*

    Target's firmware version number (on the technical info line, at the bottom of the target's screen)*

    Your shooting range/club's name*

    Name of the person in charge of the issue*

    His/Her Phone number*

    His/Her e-mail adress*

    His/Her availability to investigate the issue with us