Ghost impacts/shots pop up randomly on the target

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If some “ghost” impacts appear from time to time on your target, it is probably because it suffers from electromagnetic or mechanical disturbances during shooting. There are two main sources of disturbances : an incorrectly tightened impact board, and some disturbances related to the target’s charger/transformer

1. Impact board screwing

Start by checking your impact board is correctly screwed to the target’s frame, using a 13mm wrench. The impact board must be tightly screwed, by hand, without any particular torque.

Note : Taken appart any default in the impact board screwing, it is mainly the charger/transformer which is at fault

2. Charger/transformer location

If your charger/transformer is located particularly close to the electronic boards of the target, it is necessary to take it away, by placing it under the frame for example.

If you have multiple targets, you can also try to swap the faulty target’s charger/transformer for another target’s one, which is supposed to be OK. Then, check if the behavior of the faulty targets improves or not. If the issue disappears or moves from one target to another, then you found the source !

In some cases, due to electromagnetic radiations, swapping two charger/transformers might be enough to solve the problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support to get a new charger/transformer or to run through a deeper diagnostic.

After all these checks, if the situation has not improved, please