My target doesn’t power up anymore

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If your target seems to be out of order, the problem can be related to multiple elements : charger/transformer issue, faulty power outlet, dead motherboard… We are going to run a few checks to isolate and identify the source of your problem.

1. Power source and charger/transformer

Before anything else, please check the following elements :

  • Is the charger/transformer correctly plugged into the target ?
    • Please, verify the upper-right connector, on the back of the target’s frame
  • Are the two parts of the charger/transformer correctly plugged into one another ?
  • Is the charger/transformer correctly plugged into the power outlet ?
  • Is the power outlet faulty ? Disconnected from your electric network/grid ?
  • Did you already try to completly reboot the target by unplugging the charger/transformer, waiting 5 secondes and plugging it again ?

Once you checked all these elements, you can proceed further by following the instructions below

2. Internal connectors and cables

1. Remove the white plastic hood from your SQ10

Cut to open 
Cut to open

2. Cut the zip-tie which is holding the metal hood in place, on top of the target’s frame

3. Remove the metal hood

4. Please ensure that all the cables and connectors on the 2 electronic boards are correctly and tightly plugged

1 214 
· 1P2 一 1P2 0 一 03 「 「 、 
• · : R210 亠 
、 R 一 21. , , C28 
1P28 13 一 3

5. Also verify the cables plugged into the LED driver board, glued to the back of the target’s screen (see “The target’s display is absent“)

6. Put the metal hood back on the frame, and plug your target to the power outlet

3. Target’s start-up session

1. Can you hear a BIP few seconds after powering up the target ?

2. Please verify that the System dongle’s USB port is clean

To do so, extract the smallest USB key (should be the upper one) which contains the target’s firmware, vacuum the USB port then plug it back.

Note : if your target powers up correctly but displays white lines of text on a black background instead of the default card, then the USB System dongle might be at fault. Please contact our Support, mentioning your problem.

2. Can you see an orange LED light present on the left electronic board, on top of the screen ?

  • If Yes, then this indicates the electric current correctly flows through the target, to the electronic measure board but not the motherboard. It is probably dead. Please contact our Support mentioning your problem.
  • If not, the electric current is not flowing through the target, and can’t reach the electronic measure board. Please check the “Power source and charger/transformer” section of this article again, then contact our Support

Note : the problem is located on the power circuit of the target : faulty charger/transformer, faulty 12V connector, or dead electronic measure board. Please metion it to our Support

After all these checks, if the situation has not improved, please