The target’s display is absent

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If the display of your target is totally absent, it is probably related to a faulty LED driver (or screen) problem. These 2 parts have to be changed in our workshop, and thus the target has to be returned.

But, before, you need to check that your target powers up correctly. To do so, please read the “My target doesn’t power up anymore” article and check all the mentioned elements

If you are totally sure that your target powers up, and that the issue is located on the display circuit, you can proceed further by following the instructions below.

Elements to check

1. Power off the target and unplug the charger/transformer from the power outlet, remove the white plastic hood, then slide your hands in the round holes on each side of the screen, through the metal frame. You have now access to the LED driver board, glued to the back of the screen.

2. Gently, unplug then plug back the plastic connectors of the cables on each side of the LED driver.

Note : Your LED driver board can look like the model below, or be smaller and have less connectors.

3. If the problem persists, pease contact our Support. The return of your target will probably be necessary.

After all these checks, if the situation has not improved, please