This article will allow shooters to work on their position for both training and shooting competitions. 

To optimize your shooting position, firstly, it is important to keep a relatively natural position, so that you are not having to force yourself. To picture this, you can put yourself in the shoes of a person waiting for the bus, that is to say rather relaxed, both feet apart a reasonable distance and the body relaxed. Now that we have the overall idea we will move on to a more technical and specific aspect.

Your feet should be almost in alignment with the shoulders. This position is very economical for the body, it will allow you not to waste energy. Then you will position yourself at 90 degrees to the target, still keeping the same alignment feet-shoulders. 

You will then lift your arm and hook the thumb of your weak arm into your belt. At this time, you can operate a small retroversion of the pelvis (move the pelvis backwards) which will allow you to reduce the lumbar arch and thus facilitate your position.

This settled position is essential because it is an undeniable source of stability. It will allow you to build your stability on bone stacking and not on muscle stress. The only muscle chain that has to work is the shoulder of your strong arm, without exerting an excessive contraction. Your weak arm will be very relaxed with your thumb still hooked into the belt.

Your overall appearance should be shoulders, hips and feet aligned . All in all you must have the sensation of a relaxed upper body and a tonic body.

Criteria for success of the position:

  • Increased stability
  • Repeatability