SQ10 – Interactive target for air pistols and rifles

SQ10 – Interactive target for 10 meters compressed air pistols and air rifles

The target
The ultra-flexible interactive electronic target for all sports shooters

SQ10 is an Interactive Electronic Target created for Sport Shooting with 10 meter compressed air pistols and rifles. Thus, whatever your preference – pistol or rifle; novice, recreational shooter or competitor – SQ10 will take you from training to competition, with an added element of fun.

From a tablet, you choose the image displayed on your target, and control your training sessions with the click of a button.

Morever, SQ 10 is robust, easy to install and affordable to operate (“Plug & Shoot”), for clubs and individuals (home shooting).

The SQ10 Interactive Electronic Targets are approved by the French Shooting Federation (FFTir) for all local and regional 10m competitions and for the national circuit.

The features
The target for training, leisure and competition

We want to create new possibilities for Sport Shooters, trainers and clubs with our large library of training exercises, a range of fun activities (games, moving and random targets, etc.) and a challenge mode, and thereby increase the appeal of Shooting Sports.

The SQ10 Interactive Target in action / Shooting range

The SQ10 Interactive Target in action / Home shooting


The characteristics
interactive, versatile and scalable target

[image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_half” icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”1237″ image_shader_color=”rgba(10,10,10,0.01)” image_shader_hover_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.5)”]Easy to use[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_half” icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”1228″ image_shader_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.01)” image_shader_hover_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.5)”]Real pellets[/image_with_text_over]
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  • Interactive Electronic Target with a transparent polycarbonate plate and a high luminosity display (1,600 Lux)
  • For rifles and pistols up to 7.5 joules (Olympic discipline)
  • Distance simulator for home shooting
  • Affordable and easily interchangeable top plate for greater durability
  • Pellet recovery
  • Automatic communication via WiFi or Ethernet with SynQro