Key figures of the weekend at the Great British Shooting Show with our UK partner TenpointNine : 

  • 2 SQ10 Targets
  • 10m Rifles and pistols
  • 250 shooters
  • 153 competition entrants
  • 2 500 total shots on SQ10 Targets

We thought you might like to know how the targets performed. We could see from looking at the statistics page that one target had taken 1237 shots, and the other 1263. You can see for yourself in the picture that the targets’ screens stood up exceptionally well to the challenge. These screens have a lot of use left in it before we would need to easily and cheaply replace the top plate. 

We can very confidently say that setting shooters up into position and getting people shooting was simple with the SQ10 targets, we could change visuals from the firing point and show people how they were getting on instantly. Everyone learned something and everyone had fun!

And if you would like to know who won the competition, we might just keep you waiting!