Some shots/impacts are not captured

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If the shots seem to be correctly recorded by the target’s system, but some of them are lost/just don’t appear at all, it is probably because your impact board (the first sheet of polycarbonate) is worn out and needs a replacement. If the board is relatively recent, the reason of the problem can be a bubble between the top plate and the plate.


1. Start by removing the impact board to inspect it, using a 13mm wrench. Is it heavily carved by rifle shots, for exemple ? Is it domed, bulged ?

If yes, then the impact board probably needs to be replaced. Please contact our Support by mail at, to order a new impact board (40€) or use one of the spare impact boards provided in your Starter Kit.

2. If you notice a bubble between the top plate and the plate, unscrew the top plate and clean both surfaces with a cotton cloth.

SQ10 plate bubbles / bulles

3. If the problem does not seem to be about the impact board, please see the “Ghost impacts” and “No impact is captured at all” articles