During the weekend of 29th and 30th June, TenPointNine (our partner in UK) set up a SQ10 target at Aldersley shooting range where the GB talent squad were training. We used the new stand-alone frame in its carry bag and were able to bring both it and the target (in its case) in one go from the vehicle in the carpark to its allocated position at the end of the range. Ten minutes to set up the whole thing and the target was literally ready to use. Literally, plug in the target, turn on the tablet and BINGO!

We had a lot of fun as many shooters (and coaches) came to try out the SQ10 for the first time. Feedback was great and interest level; very high. People seemed to like the integrated pellet catcher and also the scalability feature which allows for shooting at distances where there isn’t space for a 10m target.

We had targets for rifle, targets for pistol (with differing levels of difficulty for the more and less talented amongst us) and games. My favourite, always the shooting apples off a tree😊

Many thanks to Pippa and Mary of 10.9 tailoring for coordinating everything. 

If anyone in the UK (clubs or individuals) wants a closer look, please contact Pippa or Mary for a demo. We’ll be pleased to help. 

Daniel Olley

Sport Quantum